The Legal Framework for Autonomous Vehicles

November 26th, 2023

The legal framework for autonomous vehicles varies across different countries and regions. Here are some key points about the legal framework for autonomous vehicles:

1. European Union (EU): The EU has developed a legal framework for autonomous vehicles. The framework includes regulations that define the requirements for fully autonomous vehicles to comply with traffic regulations, recognize when the driver needs to resume control, and inform the driver accordingly .

2. Australia: In Australia, the legal framework for automated vehicles consists of existing Commonwealth and state and territory frameworks. These frameworks have been agreed upon by ministers as part of automated vehicle reforms .

3. Audi and Autonomous Driving Systems: Since 2017, autonomous driving systems have been allowed, under certain circumstances, to take over actions that were previously the exclusive responsibility of the driver .

4. Intergovernmental Framework: The Framework on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (FDAV) is an intergovernmental initiative that aims to establish a comprehensive framework for autonomous and connected vehicles. This framework was developed at the intergovernmental level .

5. European Regulation: The existing regulation in Europe, implemented based on the Product Liability Directive and the Motor Insurance Directive, addresses certain aspects of autonomous vehicles .

6. Safety Assurance Scheme: There have been proposals for a new safety assurance scheme for self-driving vehicles. This scheme would include additional responsibilities and powers to ensure in-use safety .

7. Mercedes and Fully Automated Systems: Unlike partially automated systems that support the driver, fully automated systems completely take over control of the vehicle. However, the driver must still be prepared to resume control when necessary .

8. Law Commission of England and Wales: The Law Commission is an independent body that reviews and recommends reforms to the law of England and Wales. They have been involved in developing a regulatory framework for automated vehicles .

9. European Union General Safety Regulation: The European Union has implemented a new vehicle general safety regulation that includes provisions for the approval of automated and fully driverless vehicles. These safety measures aim to enhance the legal framework for autonomous vehicles in the EU .